Steps in getting your work into artists’ photo gallery

Today, photography as a form of art holds a significant place at galleries and museums, with several artists showcasing their work year in year out. Besides, there are several galleries devoted exclusively and entirely to the photographic image, and promotion of talent, both for the established and young artists.

The best means of getting your work into artists’ photo gallery is, well, all about the difference. The following are effective steps to getting your work into a gallery, and perhaps these may help establish your career as a professional photography artist.

Visit a number of galleries

Visit those galleries close to you and get to learn the ones showing work similar to your kind of work. Several galleries are operated by a curator with unique tastes, therefore you should know that.

Get your work organized

Show how your artwork differs from others. This may be challenging, since your work may be similar to many others. However, it cannot be related too closely. Curators are entrepreneurs, therefore they are not going to put all their eggs in one basket. You should believe in what you’re working on. When you feel it is not better than most of the artwork there right now, you should focus more, or try something quite different.

Go to openings and network

It’s upon you to sell your skill and enthusiasm. You should, therefore, want it at the photo gallery and let people be aware that you’re interested highly in having your work displayed there.

Keep off vanity opportunities

Avoid applying for exhibitions having entry fees. These kind of “competitions” normally are fundraisers for the gallery or organizations and provide very little in terms of career advancement or prestige. However, there are some occasional exceptions to this ( particularly in regards to residences). However, for the most part, you are better off not paying others to consider your work. Particularly keep off vanity galleries that will charge you some fee so that you may be included in a show or to have a solo show. Good, legitimate photo galleries do not normally engage in this practice.

Establish an artists’ photo gallery

You may invite other local photography artists or those with the same styles as yourself. Get excited to tell them to folding a monopod/camera and put it inside their bags cause your gallery is waiting! You should get digital images of your work TOO, and after this create some website and have a professional email address.

Getting your artwork into a gallery

Email an inquiry letter to those galleries you would like to show your work in. You should include several examples plus information about your photography. Include the link to your website. Include also a short artist statement together with your general approach to your creative work.

Sign with artist collective gallery. Note that these galleries usually do not take a cut out of your sold work but need monthly membership fees. Becoming a member, even still, may be quite competitive. Therefore you are still going to need to present your artwork plus artist statement just for acceptance.

When you get accepted into an artists’ photo gallery, you ensure you sign a contract. The work of galleries is to sell your work, from where they get their cut, therefore they’re an agent, not a purchaser. Make sure this cut is specified clearly in the contract.

Make sure you read thoroughly the contract you sign since it might stipulate that you are to exclusively show and sell your artwork through that artists’ photo gallery.