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Quick Cornered Frame

This tutorial is NOT to be scripted or made into a "Quick Guide" unless it is for your own personal use. 

To do this tutorial you will need a working knowledge of PSP. If you are new to PSP, or have a problem doing this tutorial, you can find me at Raven's PSP Forum, be happy to help you out.

This is an easy tutorial, I've included many screen shots to try to show each step in detail



Step 1

Open a new image, whatever size you want your frame to be.
Set the background to Transparent. 
It's best to make your frames on the larger size, you lose quality if you make them too small. 

Flood Fill with a color, a gradient or a pattern.

Here I used an image 400 X 350 and filled it with the Multi-blue gradient.
(this is shown at 50%)


Step 2

Add some filter effects to give it texture.
Experiment, try any effects that look interesting to you.

Note: If you use a pattern you may not need more effects.

Here I went to Adjust>Add/Remove Noise>Add Noise

Effects>Texture Effects> Fur 

Effects>Edge Effects>Enhance More 


Step 3

Go Effects>Reflection Effects>Kaleidoscope.
Use these settings.

Note: For a thicker frame raise the Scale factor.



Step 4

Go to Effects>Image Effects>Offset.
Click on "Center" and "Wrap".
Don't do anything with the numbers, they will change depending on the size of your image.


Step 5

Go to the tool bar and find your Magic Wand.

Go to your tool options palette and set the tolerance to 5.

Click on the center of your image.

After you select the center of your frame go to Selections>Invert.
Now you should see "marching ants" around the inside and outside of your frame.



Step 6

Go to Effects>3D Effects>Inner Bevel.
On this frame I used the preset called "Frame".
Here's where you can do a lot experimenting. 
Try different settings or just click on the dice to try "Randomize".


Step 7

When you finish adding the bevel, go to Selection>Invert to select just the inside of your frame.
Go to Effects>3D Effects>Cutout.
These are the settings I used. 
The center of you frame will be transparent except for a little shadow  to give it some depth.

Note: This is optional. 
If you don't want any shadow just go to Edit>Clear to remove the center of your frame. Skip the Cutout Effect.


Step 8

Go to Selections>Select None.
Your frame is done..:)

To save it as a PSP 8 Frame go to File>Export>Picture Frame.
Give your Frame a name and click on "Save".


Step 9

To use your Frame, open the image you want to frame.
Go to Image>Picture Frame and browse to your frame.


That's it, you're done.:)



You can add layers to your frames also.

Add a new Raster Layer and scribble some lines.

Use the Kaleidoscope and Offset and try some texture effects.

If you like this frame, click here to download. ( size 500X 500 )



Also,  for some images,  you could just duplicate your image to create the frame. 

Photo from Brazilian Nature Photos

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Experiment, and have fun!

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