How To DIY Paint Air Hockey Tables

Do you love playing air hockey? Do you have your own air hockey table since you just can’t stop having fun? Well if you really love playing air hockey and got yourself your own air hockey table, then step up the game to a whole new level by adding creative paint designs. You might have an old air hockey table lying idly in your storage so why not refurbish it a bit, make it new again then sell it to an arcade? Air hockey is such a fun game but having combined your own design will most certainly give a personal touch to your game and make it more enjoyable. You can even then sell it in your local arcade if want. So are you interested painting your own imagination? If yes, than here’s how.

Step 1, Gather the Things You’ll Need
First things first! You should gather the following materials to get started with the paint job. Safety first! You will need a face mask to prevent hazardous air chemicals that you’d be working with along this task. Then you will need paint. Spray paints are the most recommendable since it requires little to no experiences of painting at all. Liquid paints are harder to use and much risky since it paints quite thick. Make sure you use spray paints. Next thing you will need is toothpicks. You will need sturdy toothpicks since you’re going to use these for covering up the holes, and breaking them can be quite nasty. Then you’ll need cardboards and a pencil. Cardboards will be cut into parts and be used as the basis of your layout. After that you should look for small heavy objects that you think would be convenient in pinning down the cardboard to keep the borders separate. Magnets or large batteries are great for this Another thing you will need is a pair of gloves, so you won’t have to worry about getting paint all over your hands. The last thing you will need for this project is sealer paint. Sealer paints are used to seal the surface and keep your table glossy.

Step 2, Planning the Design and Making Cutouts
To achieve a great-looking air hockey table, you must first have a general idea of the design you want then plan out how you intend to reach this goal. This tutorial is only a general guidance for making your air hockey table more attractive but the end design depends on your skills and versatility in art. With the cardboard you can make cutouts of polygons and shapes that serves as the main layout for your artwork. Make sure the edges are finely cut. You can also check out the Internet for additional creative designs.

Step 3, Prepping the Table
Painting your table can be quite risky. You might get some of the air holes clogged up which would ruin the entire game. Always take high precautions all throughout the painting process. First, you will need to carefully search for the air holes and cover them up with toothpicks. Air hole sizes vary from table to table as well as air hockey brands, so you might need to improvise on how you’re supposed to cover these holes. Just always make sure that the air holes are secured and no paint can enter and cause air blockage.

Step 4, Painting!
After all the preparation and precautions, we will now proceed to painting. Place the cardboard cutouts on the areas you want the shapes to be formed. Place the magnets to secure the cardboard. Then start spraying evenly throughout the selected area Do a lot of variations and style and make sure you improvise on the art you are making. After spraying the entire table you can wait for several minutes for it to completely dry up. Once you are sure it is completely dry you can now add a layer of seal paint to make it glossy. It will look insanely good with those shiny colorful designs more especially if you’re a skilled artist. Not only you make it better, you will also encourage people to play air hockey!