Filters, Programs and Plugins for use with Paint Shop Pro



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Almathera   Plug-in  Collection    Go to Site
Free Filters
Halo, Puddle, Lightning, Beveller,
Warper, Shape Cutter, Grey Area,
Drop Shadow

Amphisoft Filters   Go to Site
Free filters
For fine image correction and enhancement, and some special effects

Auto FX  Software   Go to Site
Commercial filters, expensive but very nice.
The Gel Series is very popular.

Free filters available
Dreamy Photo    Mosaic

Auto Trace    Go to Site
Free for non-commercial use
Converts black and white bitmap to vector graphics

AV Bros. Software   Go to Site
Free trials
Puzzle Pro,  Page Curl,  Colorist,  

Andrew's Filter Collections   Go to Site
Large collection of free filters

Andromeda Software   Go to Site
Free demos available
Large variety of filters

AFH Beveler   Go to Site
Free plugin
For making square buttons

Alien Skin   Go to Site
Eye Candy
and Xenofex
Free demos available
These programs each have very different and very useful filters


Axialis Software   Go to Site
Icon Editor and Library Manager

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Last Update: October 02, 2007

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