Decorating Toilet and Shower Rooms With Paintings

The bathroom and the toilet are equally important parts of the house. Most people spend a lot of time in the bathroom, grooming themselves, taking baths and showers, applying makeup and so forth.

It is a place, where we spend a fair share of our time, and it should look beautiful and relaxing. For these reasons, we should consider decorating, this important part of the home. But we have to follow some important tips when decorating a bathroom. We will share with you, the most important tips and advice in decorating this private space.

    This is the most important step, that you have to take in decorating your bathroom. Protecting the artworks, from humidity, would be choosing art, that can withstand more of it. You want to make sure, you choose the paintings you want, but keep in mind not to put your most valued pieces of art in the bathroom. Go with more affordable art. Paintings that are beautiful, but did not necessarily cost you a fortune. If you choose paintings on canvas, make sure it has been protected with varnish. Most oil and acrylic paint used is resistant to water, but every artwork has its limits. If you decide to choose pieces of art on paper, make sure the paper is ACID- FREE. In this case, the painting needs to be varnished too, you can even do that yourself. Applying varnish, to protect your artworks is very cheap and can prolong the lifespan of artwork in your bathroom. Don’t forget to frame them, behind glass or Plexiglas and make sure, they don’t touch the glass directly. There is an additional, very important piece of advice that we can give you Make sure you regularly open the windows in your bathroom and use an exhaust fan. That will prevent, the extra humidity of staying in your bathroom and destroying your beautiful artworks.
    When decorating your bathroom, you don’t necessarily have to go with paintings. What do we mean by that? Well, decorating with sculptural art, especially modern 30 printed pieces, can be very hip.
    30 pieces of art can be highly customized in shape and colour. That means, you can order or print, custom pieces, that match the colours and the furniture in your bathroom. Not to mention, they are created with plastic materials and will withstand much more humidity, and last much longer, than other artworks.
    Choose the artworks you like and will make you feel cosy and relaxed. After all, the bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house, where we can have a relaxing bath while looking at those beautifully decorated walls. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can enjoy your beautiful bathroom, whether you are having a hot or a cold shower.
    Most importantly, make it personal, make it beautiful. Choose art that suits your taste and needs, choose pieces that will make your house a home. We hope you successfully and beautifully decorate your bathroom, with the tips we gave you