5 Awesome Places Where You Can Buy Your Toilet Painting Collection

Just imagine you’ve finished a year of hard work over your renovations. You look around, to be temporarily satisfied with the work you’ve done on your new-found bathroom, only to be disappointed by how bleak and dull it looks. In this article, we’re going to go over where you can pick up some affordable but great toilet painting collections online.


I assume I must have been living under a rock, because only in the last few days I’ve come to learn what ETSY was. It was something I heard mumbled about in a conversation once, but thought nothing of it. It was only after my friends had finished their renovations in their newly bought home, they mentioned ETSY. If you don’t know, ETSY is an online artistic shop that sells very affordable, home-made paintings and art that you can decorate any room in your house with. Especially your bathroom if you’re in need for something fresh. You need to have the best faucet in the toilet just like the best faucet in the kitchen that you have.


Until I recently came across one of my own projects, I had no idea that this site existed myself. Zazzle is also an online affordable store that you can purchase all of your works of art off of, for those empty and boring rooms that are waiting to be decorated in your house. Zazzle is a free service that doesn’t require you to sign up or subscribe before you can purchase your favorite works of art online. When it comes to price, this is one of the better stores. It offers great prices just in case you may have little left in the bank account after all of you renovations.


Houzz is an online Australian interior decorating store. If you lack the creativity and imagination that I do, this is a great place where you can get some inspiration to paint up a new project. This site isn’t just about paintings, it’s also ideas about how to get creative with your bathrooms by using different kind of colors, styles and furniture to add that extra spice to your own liking. After all, paintings are great, but you also want a great looking bathroom, right?


This is the one that almost every single person on the planet knows. There’s no introduction needed. Ebay is more often used for other products such as clothes, technology and selecting between navien or takagi, but if you’ve become frustrated and ran out of patience at all other artsy stores online, this is your place to improve your toilet paintings collection. There is however some great potential on here. It’s worth a try and it’s a well renown service that has built up a lot of trust and reputation for when it comes to buying things online. After all, you need to spice up that bathroom! It’s worth a try.

The Markets

If you wanted to get something more commercial and artistic that every other person has, we could suggest IKEA. But the whole point of art is to be unique, correct? So let’s get original. Markets are one of the best places to improve your toilet paintings collections. The great thing about markets is that you can actually see the hard work and effort they put into paintings. It’s not from some machine that has reprinted the same image over and over by some factor worker pressing a button. It’s taken imagination, creativity and skill that has been put into these individual pieces of work. Also, the money goes directly to the person that has made the paintings, rather than just spending it on big commercial empires.

Lets Finish Up

Art is very subjective and it’s also unique when it comes to taste. So here are your 5 stores and ways to purchase affordable pieces of art that you have been looking for. Now go into that bathroom and give it the art that it deserves!